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6 Outdoor Activities That Will Also Keep You In Shape


A number of individuals are deterred from exercise because of gym culture or the idea that working out can’t be fun. This misconception is pervasive but, thankfully, there are a number of outdoorsy types demonstrating that certain activities can not only be extremely fun but also help to keep you physically fit too.

This means that, instead of having to build up the enthusiasm to bring yourself to the gym, as well as pay the cost of a fee, individuals can head outdoors instead. In addition to offering the opportunity to enjoy an exciting activity, there is also the ability to embrace nature and the mental health benefits that come with it.



While some might accept battling the floaties of their local swimming pool, others are turning to the outdoors. Wild swimming, and the subculture of cold water swimming groups, has quickly grown into mainstream popularity. If you have a lake or seafront nearby, even a river, you might have a suitable location to begin your swimming outdoors. Check your local area for wild swimming groups to get started.


While running might seem like an obvious suggestion, it is popular for a reason. One only needs a good pair of shoes and a suitable route to begin, avoiding the costs and limited landscapes of treadmill alternatives. In addition to enjoying the outdoors as you test your time and pace, there are also local and online communities dedicated to friendly competition and seeking out suitable routes, meaning that you’ll never be short of motivation to get up and go.


If you want to explore the water but not necessarily by getting in it, paddleboarding might be for you. This gentle and low-impact activity is ideal for those wanting to build their physical confidence. While it might look simple and relaxing, paddleboarding also helps to strengthen core muscles and slowly develops shoulder muscles as paddlers push themselves across the water. Some even build their workout regime around improving their paddleboarding ability.

Rock Climbing


The UK has a number of beautiful landscapes and hills, even mountains, with a great number of people dedicated to climbing their way across them. If you can feel comfortable scaling vertical heights, then rock climbing might just be the activity for you. Not only does it create another dimension to explore the countryside with your friends but it is also an excellent workout.



Once you leave the cityscapes, the UK is home to a number of quiet, open spaces, with cycling becoming much less stressful. Taking your bicycle out to explore doesn’t need to be solely for exercise either. Some use it as a social opportunity, while others use it to simply reach their chosen destination or accomplish a regular commute.



One’s physical fitness doesn’t always need to derive from strength or stamina. In fact, flexibility and balance are also important too. This is why, coupled with the healing benefits of natural landscapes, you’re likely to see yoga classes set against the backdrop of forests and meadows.

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