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Abramovich’s Tier 1 Visa Delayed due to Worsening UK-Russia Relations?


UK Government Launches Retrospective Review of Tier 1 Visas for Russian Nationals Amid Poisoning Scandal

Just under two months ago we reported on the UK government’s announcement that it will retrospectively review the Tier 1 Investor and Entrepreneur visas issued to the Russian nationals from 2008 to 2015; with Theresa May also adding fuel to fire of the brightly burning scandal concerning poisoning of the former Russian spy in Salisbury, by saying that there was “no place for corrupt Russians in London”.

It was also suggested at the time that the Home Office will now closely scrutinise all Tier 1 visa extensions and Indefinite Leave to Remain applications by Russian nationals.

To qualify for ILR, applicants must meet specific requirements, which can include a minimum continuous residence period, proof of lawful stay, adherence to immigration rules, and evidence of meeting the English language and knowledge of life in the UK requirements. Once granted ILR, individuals gain several benefits, such as access to public funds, healthcare services, and the ability to apply for British citizenship.

UK Government’s Targeting of Roman Abramovich Raises Questions Amidst New Stance on Russian Nationals

The UK government now seems to be making good on its promise as well as making a major political statement by going after the most high-profile Russian in the UK, Roman Arkadievich Abramovich, the infamous owner of the English Premier League club, Chelsea FC. Although it is not known whether this is in fact a direct result of the change in the government’s attitude towards Russian nationals, it is hard to suggest any other explanation at this point in time.

The story seems to have originated from an unnamed source close to Mr Abramovich and although Downing street does “not discuss individual cases”. Various high-profile news outlets have picked up and reported on this story based on information that case from people who know Mr Abramovich personally.

Obtaining ILR is a significant achievement for individuals seeking long-term settlement in the UK. It provides a strong foundation for building a future in the country and enjoying the stability and opportunities it offers. It is crucial to understand the eligibility criteria, application process, and any updates to the immigration rules to ensure a successful application for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK.

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