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Why You Should Visit Barcelona


Barcelona is the jewel of Spain, and those who are planning their next holiday destination will come to find that it has virtually everything one could ask for. It contains one of the most interesting cities in the world but also has warm, lush beaches for those who simply need sand and sea when it comes to going on holiday. In this way, it is perfect for people of all attitudes and tourists will never be left wanting for something to do. When the entirety of Spain is considered, it is hard to think of a more pleasant place to visit than Barcelona.

Compared to other countries, Spain and subsequently Barcelona is warm all year round, with the temperature only dropping to still-reasonable levels in Winter. This makes Barcelona a great holiday choice for all times of the year, though those who want to step into searing temperatures will do best during the summer. Barcelona’s summers are dry, hot, and sunny, casting a cheerful mood over the entire city which is steeped in history.

The history of Barcelona encompasses all things, though football fans will be more concerned with the sports history the city has. Many will know that Barcelona is home to one of Europe’s football giants, FC Barcelona. Some of the best players ever to grace the game have played at this football club, and fans of football might consider it a dream come true to visit the Nou Camp, the home of FC Barcelona. This massive stadium has a seating capacity that comes just short of a staggering 100,000, making it the largest stadium in Spain and even Europe. Tourists can sign-up to go on tours around the stadium and see where the greats such as Ronaldinho and Lionel Messi got changed, ate, and trained, likely fulfilling the dreams of many football fans.

Stepping away from the city’s football history, tourists will also appreciate that the city is teeming with life and stories in the stonework of every building and every street corner. The landmark that dominates the Barcelona landscape is the Sagrada Familia which is arguably one of the most visually impressive buildings in the entire world. Devised by the eccentric Antoni Gaudi, the Sagrada Familia has been under construction for over 100 years and is still not complete to this day. This kind of timeframe should give people an indication of how much of a masterpiece this church is, and everyone who visits Barcelona must visit it at some point.

When it comes to the range of activities that one can engage in when in Barcelona, tourists will not be left wanting. The presence of beaches means that there are general sea activities to participate in but there are also city excursions that will satisfy most too. There are also a variety of casinos to visit in Barcelona when the sun goes down and the night begins, but those who prefer online gambling will be spoiled as there are more betting sites in Spain than there are in other regions where the activity is restricted.

It is clear that Barcelona is one of the best holidays anyone can go on, and those who have not yet visited the best city in Spain should consider making a booking now.

Oneal Grayden
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