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5 Great Alternatives To Common Outdoor Products & Brands


Outdoor equipment and accessory retail is, like many retail sectors, saturated with a number of well-known brands. In certain cases, these brand names assure dependability and quality, two essential traits of any product but especially so for those venturing outdoors. However, in other cases, the customer ends up paying solely for brand recognition, with better value and manufacturing to be found elsewhere.

It is a difficult situation for customers to navigate because the onus of responsibility falls upon them, requiring shoppers to investigate beyond the loudest advertisers and seek out new products and brands that better fulfil their needs, as well as potentially being more affordable. Today, however, for those in such a situation, we’re here to get you started, sharing five of our favourite alternatives to common outdoor purchases. 

Outdoor Clothing 

One of the most common aspects of outdoor clothing retail is the emphasis placed upon ‘outdoor clothing’. These can be garments that describe the benefits they bring to hikers, whether that is to keep the body cool or draw moisture away from the skin, aka moisture-wicking, benefits that persuade many to pay a premium for. However, many of these benefits are commonplace features of more affordably priced athleticwear, the type that is available at sports stores.

Water Bottle 

The marketing for premium water receptacles is, if nothing else, quite admirable. There are a number of common advantages that are described by advertisers as bottles seek to outperform their competitors, namely impressive insulation and sustainable manufacturing. The former is brilliant up to a certain point because there are very few circumstances when someone would need to keep their drink warm or cold for more than 24 hours, especially since this also necessitates not opening it too.

The latter is certainly worthwhile for environmental pursuits but, for those with a water bottle already, it is far more sustainable to stick with what you have than purchase something new.


Changing robes have become synonymous with the brand dryrobe. While this clever name has become ubiquitous among cold water and wild swimmers, the product itself offers little over lower-priced alternatives than brand recognition and, if you’re looking for a great alternative to dryrobe, there are many options that will surpass your needs at a lower price.

Water Purifier 

There are a number of water purification devices now available, many of which will filter potentially dirty water quickly and easily. Such gadgets, such as the premium Purewell water pump, offer a number of purification features that, while effective, require the filtration device to be taken with you and are relatively pricey, especially when compared with the portable, affordability of iodine tablets. 

Hiking Shoes 

There are a number of undeniable advantages to a good pair of hiking boots. However, while support and stability are advantageous, the benefits of some features like waterproofing are debatable. Waterproofing, for example, is seldom done effectively, especially for boots that only rise above the ankle, allowing splashed water to collect inside the shoe. Additionally, waterproofing cannot exist without compromising ventilation, therefore leading to the likelihood of sweat building up around the soles of feet. So, when choosing boots, be sure to invest in a sturdy pair but do remain wary of superfluous extra costs.

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