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Five Of The Most Picturesque Outdoor Activity Destinations


Outdoor activities have always been associated with travel. Enthusiasts are often found consulting maps and sharing hushed recommendations of private spots that are perfect, in a number of ways, for exploring their various endeavours. Such qualities could be beautiful vistas, peacefulness, or even because they remain yet unexplored. Each enthusiast will likely have their favourites too, whether that is a particular mountain to climb or a faraway and exotic lake they were once fortunate enough to enjoy.

Outdoor activities often allow people to experience incredible views, which is why there is always great consideration given to destinations that are picturesque, those that are ideal for Instagram. Thankfully, these aren’t in short supply, with more being discovered each day. Now, at a time when travellers are once again beginning to take flight across the world, to new explore destinations and revisit old favourites, we wanted to share our five most favourite outdoor activity destinations, perfect for those wanting to capture the photo of a lifetime.

Iriomote Island, Japan

In a remote part of southwestern Japan is a large island covered in dense jungle and clear waters. Mangrove trees stand proudly and often individually among the water, allowing paddleboarders to glide between them while exploring the island’s rivers. The shores can also be enjoyed with water so clear that the abundance of tropical fish and rays can be seen swimming below. This destination might not be easily accessible, but for those willing to travel to Okinawa, there are few other paddleboard experiences that will offer the same experience.

Oulu, Finland

For those who might occasionally want to swap sunny shores for cool experiences, Scandinavia is becoming a more popular destination for swimmers. The Finnish city of Oulu is an ideal destination for those wanting to swim in glass-like waters, reflecting not only the city’s beautiful skyline but also, potentially, the Northern Lights too. After preparing yourself with one of the city’s many saunas, you then take to plunge in the water, invigorating your body for an entirely unique experience.

Montana, USA

Montana is well-loved by many outdoor activity enthusiasts, especially hikers who love to make good use of its incredible mountainscapes. Its dusty trails, however, are becoming more populated by those seeking adventure on its hidden lakes. This is because, among many ranges, stunning and peaceful bodies of water can be found, perfect for those who want to experience the water while basking the awe of immense landscapes. Well-established kayaking trips are mapped out across the waters and, for those that want to relax, there are regular boat trips that occur throughout the year too.

Costa Verde, Brazil

One of the world’s most undeniably gorgeous scenes, with perfectly clear and deeply blue waters sitting beneath a shoreline dense with green trees. While this spot is relatively popular among holidaymakers already, it is becoming more sought out by thrillseekers too because its beauty and warmth make for an amazing backdrop for hiking, sailing, even paragliders and skydivers! While the location can get busy during the summer season, for those willing and able to travel later in the year, an amazing beach destination, one without so many crowds, can be experienced.

Lagoa, Portugal

Home of one of nature’s most awe-inspiring sights, the Benagil caves, Lagoa offers so much to those who want to explore and relax upon breath-taking seascapes. While many will want to experience the cave, paddling, sailing, or swimming into it for an amazing photo opportunity, there are a number of other photogenic adventures to be had in the region too, including hidden beaches and the backdrop of the village’s wonderfully colourful architecture. Perfect for those that want to ramble their way across one of the country’s most beautiful scenes.

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