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Going For Luggage Storage in London with the Safest Options


While traveling in London, it is more probable you will opt for sightseeing. All around the year, tourists flock to London as it is a prime destination. The more baggage you carry slows down your progress, and it is more of a hassle than an advantage. If you want to hit the road the moment your flight touches London airport, it is difficult to check in the booked hotel or rental. The suitcase and backpack weigh you down. It is tiring and bothersome while traveling. It becomes more problematic if you have only a few hours to spend in London, taking your next connecting flight.


Millions of travelers take advantage of Luggage Storage London, and you, too, can avail of this facility. There are places for the safekeeping of the baggage, so you need not drag it all through the day. There are some hotels in the city that allow you to use their store room for a day or hours; you can find them beforehand that is located near the airport, bus stop, or railway station. If you find such a hotel ensure that your baggage will be stored in a safe place and will not be accessible by intruders. You never desire your luggage is stolen while traversing.

Left baggage facilities

Left baggage facilities are available in London, where you can leave the bags and suitcases for a few hours or days. If you avail his facility in the airport, the luggage is searched through x-ray screening and random hand search.

Tourist information centers

Tourist information centers such as Greenwich Tourist center offers this facility for a charge of Pound5 per baggage for three hours; if you want to store it for a day, the charge is Pound 8 per item. The center offers this facility from ten in the morning to five in the evening. The Westfield shopping centers located in London and Stratford also offer this facility. The tariff is for coats and umbrellas, Pound 3 per item for four hours, and for bags and trolleys, Pound 5 per thing for four hours. If you want to store that baggage for twenty-four hours, they charge ten pounds per item.

Major railway stations

There are cloakrooms in major railway stations in London where you can keep your baggage. The service is open from seven in the morning to eleven at night. The storage room is situated at the following railway stations:

  • King Cross station near platform number nine entrance.
  • Euston station near platform number sixteen and eighteen.
  • Charing Cross at Main Square.
  • Paddington station at platform number twelve.
  • Liverpool station near platform number ten.
  • Victoria station at platform eight.
  • Waterloo station at exit six by the south side.
  • Pancras International station at the main square (the service is available from 5:30a.m to 11p.m Monday to Saturday, for Sunday it is open from 7a.m to 11p.m).

If your train arrives before check-in time of the hotel, you can stack your luggage in these luggage storage London depots for hassle-free traveling. Each railway stations mentioned above have a storage room located at a specific platform for a particular time. The hours may fluctuate, but usually, the service is available from seven in the morning to eleven at night.

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